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About the Dec 2, 2017 Rio Show…

What a special evening filled with friends and music and love.  It was a unique experience that had so many visual components,  so many musical components and being at the concert reminded me of a Dead show.  People, Santa Cruz, friends of Santa Cruz and friends of Toms were united with  a common bond love and a connectivity.

I thought the entire package was top shelf, professional and tight.  The music was perfect, the artist was perfect the vibe was perfect.  Tom had Santa Cruz swaying that evening and everyone went away smiling.


Tony Lombardi

All of it was awesome!

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from you and your band on December 2 but from the moment your band fired it up I was completely blown away.  There was so much going on musically with the horns, the strings, the vocals and videos… All of it was awesome!

John Waldorf

The entire production was top notch!

The Nomad and Nightingale production was great. I loved the song Wake Up! and thought that it played out like an Anthem. For me it spoke truth of our state of political affairs. The entire production was top notch and there were so many facets of sound and vision to be stimulated by

Paul Lawton

This show was a musical feast! (The Rio)

Tom is a highly practiced and gifted musical genius, no doubt – but it’s his big heart and passion for his craft that draws in his audience when he’s on stage. It’s the depth of his lyrics and melodic songwriting. His band members are as enthusiastic as they are talented and experienced. This show was a musical feast as well as really fun!



Patricia Damron

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