Tom Ralston concrete artisan, songwriter and musician

About Tom Ralston

Tom is a 4th generation Santa Cruzan. He began writing poetry in 2nd grade and dabbled with his vocals and guitar and piano before he was 10. He has established and expressed himself as a concrete artist, with many accolades along the way including being inducted into the Decorative Concrete Hall of Fame in 2012.

In 2016 he became a Gail Rich award recipient by the Santa Cruz Art Committee. Although Tom did not have formal music training, for the past 16-years he has assembled a cast of stellar musicians who have been both his instructors and collaborators. His passion is writing music that is personal and musically expansive. His songs therefore call to various musicians to play horns, strings, percussion, vocals and unique rhythm sections allowing his songs to span into many different genres. Most recently, on December 2nd 2023, Tom was presented with a Mayoral Proclamation for his many contributions to the Santa Cruz Community.