TOM RALSTON brings it all together. He is a natural leader, and with the band, he leads everyone through lyrical journeys while offering opportunities for exploring new directions. His dedication to music, songwriting and building a great band is remarkable.

LISA TAYLOR brings vocals and an awesome stage presence to the mix. She is a lead singer in her own right yet graciously provides killer support vocals to lift the whole sound up a few notches.


DANIEL VEE LEWIS brings bass and musical direction to the band. He is the longest running member of and has been highly influential in the overall musical direction and personnel.

BOB VON ELGG brings guitar and lap steel expressiveness to the mix. His rhythmic, melodic, and improvisational sensitivities add warmth, texture and energy to the sonic flow.

JOE WEDLAKE brings in the band's heartbeat via drums. He started drumming on pots and pans at an early age. After two years of tupperware abuse his parents gave in and bought him a real drum set. The rest is history.

GARY KEHOE brings percussive joy to the mix. His aged youthfulness is infectious and reminds us all that it's never too late to grow young.


PAUL TARANTINO brings baritone saxophone and flute and he composes the horn arrangements for the band. His performance and horn section leadership keeps everyone in the band harmonically aligned.

GARY REGINA (aka The Great Raajzeen!) brings tenor, alto and soprano saxophones into the mix. He is a featured soloist on many songs in the band's repertoire. Gary is highly active as a solo performer and as a hired gun in many bands.

BRIAN MOORE brings trombone and good humor to the band. His jolly spirit keeps everyone smiling and when he breaks out into a solo, he shines.

BRIAN STOCK brings trumpet and flugelhorn to the band. He is a generational professional musician and one can hear that legacy in every note he plays.


KRISTIN GARBEFF brings class and sophistication to the band via cello. As part of the band's string trio, she contributes the lower ranged belly-warming tones with grace and soul.

JENNIFER CASS brings classical harp to the mix. She flavors the mix with the heavenly string resonance and flight that only a classical harp can bring.

SHANNON DELANEY D'ANTONIO brings violin and viola to the band and classically seasons the tenor range of the string trio. Like her string section cohorts, she regularly performs with symphony orchestras.

SAMANTHA BOKEUA brings violin virtuosity to the band. Expressive and skilled, Samantha's violin contributions top off and complete the string trio sound.


MATEO LETTUNICH brings harmonica to a few select songs in the Tom Ralston Band's repertoire. All eyes are on Mateo when he kicks it loud and proud on roaring blues harpestry.